3 tips for a successful job search

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My definition of a successful job search is finding your ideal job within a realistic time frame.

So how exactly can you do this?

Here are my 3 tips for a successful job search:

  • Always tailor your CV to match the job requirements for the position you are applying for. Many people still think that it is ok to have one generic CV that they send out to every job they apply for. Unfortunately this nolonger works as recruiters and hiring managers can immediately see this and think that if you can’t take time to tailor your CV then you are not that interested in the job. Your CV must show what makes you unique and the ideal candidate for the job. A side note to this is that by always tailoring your CV, you will not be sending out your CV to every single job that you think you might be interested in; instead you will be taking a tailored approach to your job search and only applying to jobs where you know that you can meet the requirements.
  •  Expand your network. This is particularly important now that the majority of job vacancies do not appear on the open market. You can no longer rely solely on recruitment agencies, jobs boards and adverts to find your ideal job and instead you need to research your chosen field and make contact with the key players and show them how you can add value; while they may not have any job openings at present, they may do in the future or pass on your details to someone else and in some cases I have had clients who have succeeded in getting a job via this method, even when there was no vacancy to apply for. It’s all about taking control rather than waiting for the phone to ring.
  •  Try thinking outside of the box with your job search and create your own opportunities rather than sitting behind your computer filling in applications; remember that a chance encounter can lead to your ideal job.

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