3 Career Mistakes you don’t want to make

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Many of the mistakes people make in their careers can be avoided. If you see yourself in any of these below, what can you do about it?

Failing to solve problems

Have you ever noticed that those who are good at solving problem tend to keep their jobs or get promoted, even in tough times; but how do they do this?

There are always problems to be solved and challenges to be faced in any organisation so people who are effective at problem solving are of intrinsic value to their bosses. The thing is that many employees are better at creating or ignoring problems rather than solving them.

Don’t become this person. Instead, become the person who is known for taking a realistic and creative approach to problem solving.

Hiding or diminishing your value

It is important that you know your skills and strengths and can communicate them well so that others know what value you bring to the team or organisation. Don’t be afraid to let others know what you are capable of doing.

Staying in a job you hate

I know of a lot of people in this situation. They remain in a job where there is no respect and that is really killing their creativity and their sole. This is a no win situation to be in and it will have a negative impact on your life outside work too. Dust down your CV and set yourself the goal of exploring new opportunities while you are still in a job.

 Could you be making a big career mistake?

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